Bags Manufacturer and Supplier

Cheer Sagar Exports has been manufacturing and exporting bags in various categories serving the latest styling trends and utility factors in the world fashion. We have a fully-equipped production unit with high-end machinery and tools to help us create large quantities referring to the best quality practices.

Our products in the category include shoulder bags,carry bags, jute and cotton totes, multipurpose utility bags, designer bags, accessory bags, cosmetic bags, grab bags, purses, pouches, and wallets.

We are a modern manufacturing unit that works on the latest lifestyle concepts and takes on to the progressive art ideas to be on the top of women’s fashion trends. With each attempt, we aim at delivering authentic bag products designed to serve the latest fashion ideas and trends. This is where we are able to add significant value to our client businesses and their retail channels serving them with a diverse range of quality bag supplies that click with their customers.

A wide range of latest ladies’ bags

We produce a variety of bags for women across different style and utility ideas. We have our range of ladies’ bags created in different shapes, designs, crafts, colors, accessories, closures, and holding & keeping units. With our vast women handbags wholesale range, we cater to different commercial bases and retail units to serve their customers across different parts of the globe.

We have a fine array of ladies’ accessories bags, ladies cotton handbags, women toiletry bags, women pouch bags, women designer bags, cotton purses for women, and toiletry bags for ladies available in various designs, colors, and sizes.

In our attempt to serve the widest possibilities of designs we keep experimenting with ever-newest and original bag crafts and styles. We try to bring together unique design concepts and functional traits to produce valuable bag utilities that go with the market sentiments and consumer trends.

The major categories we serve include:

Women Handbags

Women handbags area powerful gear to complement modern fashion. Handbags can make or break your styling quotient and that is why fashion experts give it so much importance. As a leading bag manufacturing unit, we have the women’s handbags demand served with right product traits and service fits. With us, you can have your supply unit sourced with the latest women’s handbag designs to propose unique and ahead-of-time bag fashion to your customers.


You can select from our vast catalog or place a custom order suiting your preference for anything from a basic shoulder bag, cozy quilted bag, flashy sling bag, fashionable micro mini, or shopper’s tote bag. Our highly coordinated and well-appointed B2B service facility will get you the right option within your scale and scope of reselling.

Accessories Bags

Accessories bags are a must in a women’s fashion wardrobe. The style in this category changes fast and you get to see immersive new choices coming up every season. Responding to that, we produce a fine range of accessories bags for women serving the latest trends.

As a leading women’s bag supplier, you can trust us for authentic designs that refer to the latest trends in ladies’ accessories bags. Our designer catalog has a profuse collection of ladies’ accessories bags including drawstring bags, rucksacks, satchels, wrist-lets, beach bags, make-up bags, and Miniaudieres, in various styles and utility options.


Women pouches are available in many styling options. These bags are compact and handy to use and can be carried to parties and get-together both casually and formally. You can have these in a variety of folds, closures, or kitting options.

We are among the top ladies’ pouch bags manufacturers in India. Our vast production capacities and service resources can deliver any quantity in women’s pouch bags within the least turn-around-time. We have women’s pouch bags created in the form of clutches, muffs, coin purses, potlis, wallets, cosmetic pochette, and keepsake units. With us, you can get these designed to suit different user groups, styling factors, and market trends.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly bags manufacturing

We adopt the Eco-friendly policy at work and promote sustainable organic products that are built with chemical-free natural fabrics that are good for both health and surroundings. While we produce our women’s handbags, we make sure it has the least impact on nature and its resources are processed through sustainable practices that are environment-sensitive and carbon-neutral.

Over the years, we have been producing bags using various organic materials and natural fibers like cotton, canvas, jute, and other natural supplies. This is how we can get you the authentic organic produces that have the least impact on nature.

Innovation and quality driven supplies

As a leading women’s bag manufacturer, we commit to standard production and quality assurance practices to get our clients the best value through our services. We have the segment-leading tools and equipment that are operated following clinical practices backed by the latest technology to get superior designs with pixel-accurate finishing.

We have a separate team for creative research and design. This crew of bag designing experts closely works with our production engineering team and operations staff to bring innovation to our product lines. So, we are able to get you originally created high-quality bag products that are designed to serve you with inventive utility and value.

Women’s bag supplier and retailing partner for many

Our women’s bag manufacturing services are backed by vast industry experience and distinguished service record. Besides being a leading export firm, we have been working as private-label manufacturer and sourcing partners for businesses with different operational scopes and customer service goals over all these years.

This gets us to understand the service factors and user needs in the trade better. And we are able to serve businesses with products that work for them and serve their customers just as needed. This goes further in helping us creating products keeping their ROI plans and marketing goals served right. This is how we produce worth for our client businesses serving them as a reliable women’s bag manufacturing partner they can trust on for the best value turnouts.