Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you take order for custom Private Label designs?

A. We are one of the leading Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in India serving customer requirements for branded manufacturing at all scales. Just with a quick discussion with our production manager and designing team and on providing us with a CAD design or physical sample with specifications, you can get your project on-boarded with us. We will support you through everything in getting you the Private Label designs ready for your brand.

Q. What’s the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

A. We take orders for any production volumes and quantities based on your requirement. This essentially includes entering into a contract for a certain duration of the engagement. We have special programs running for new businesses and startups to support them with easy procurementplans. This allows them to flexibly enter into easy terms and policies that go with supporting them in growing their business at their capacity and pace. For more details on MOQ and order terms get in touch with us.

Q. What are your Payment Terms?

A. We accept orders with an upfront advance payment of 30% of the deal amount. The balance amount is due at the time of dispatch. However, these are the terms for new contracts. We have more flexible payment terms for the long-term clients who have their orders placed with us on a regular basis, to make it easy and convenient at both ends.

Q. How do we assure you of quality?

A. At Cheer Sagar Exports, we follow a rigorous quality appraisal policy. Our quality inspection and monitoring program appoint stringent methods served by advanced tools and practices across the process to ensure great quality with everything produced at our work facility.We have an expert team of quality engineers checking the consistency and integrity of the product at all levels. Ourproducts are passed through multi-point precision filtersand approval checks served by a standardized process to ensure a zero-defect production, keeping a close quality vigilance on everything from the source material, supplementary supplies, designs, finishes, topackaging.

Q. Do you allow sales samples?

A. Yes. You can place a request for our sample designs to be used for sales trials. Our sampling team can get you the sales samples based on your specifications.

I have some other queries. Whom should I contact?
For any question that is not answered here, you can contact us on this email address