Fashion Design Consulting Firm

Cheer Sagar Exports is your one-stop fashion design consulting firm. Our expert team of designers, branding, and production managers work together to help the emerging and established fashion brands on every stage of conceptualization, design, development, and establishment of apparel brands.

Our fashion design services begin with strategizing. We leverage our deep knowledge of the fashion industry and emerging trends. Through our global network of suppliers and material vendors, we provide you the most effective and cost-efficient ways to produce high-quality fashion apparel and establish your brand in the market.

We have been a part of the fashion industry for a long time and our professional team of fashion designers, consultants, and product developers work dedicatedly towards the fulfillment of your brand goals. We manufacture a wide range of women apparel products with expertise in the latest styles and trends.

Our skilled production management team is a network of clothing and fabric vendors who can supply us with any type of material or fabric. We have vetted several material vendors to meet high standards of quality and effectiveness.
Our production management team carefully charts out the best ‘plan of action’ for your project and communicates seamlessly with supply chain vendors to ensure timely delivery of your project.

Our branding team will help you execute your brand’s physical and digital identity through customized logos and tags of your apparel brand.

The entire process can be summarized as below.

Identification of trends

Our team of experts will coordinate with your existing fashion design team (if any) or your management team to examine the current fashion landscape and see what is in trend. This process ensures that we introduce only relevant products in the market – the products that are in demand by the customer.

Market Research

Market research is important to identify the competitive landscape and for positioning your brand. This is done to ensure that the products are in line with the integrity of your company’s brand position and market occupancy.
We use visual tools and presentations like storyboarding and sketch designs to study the market pattern for your review and approval.

Design Concept

The design concept development team works on the initial idea of your apparel brand/product design and coordinates with your company to seek the final approval before anything is onboarded. This process combines analytics with creativity to bring out the maximum results for your fashion firm.

Technical Design Process

After the design is approved by your team, the next step is the technical design. Our team of designers develops flat designs of your garment for final review and approval. This is required for the final apparel development.