Home Furnishing Manufacturer

Cheer Sagar Exports is one of the leading names in the segment of home furnishing. Over the years we have been producing export quality furnishing range referring to global standards and trends in home improvement and décor.
Our range of furnishing products covers décor selections, bedding supplies, and home improvement essentials referring to indigenous traditional choices of sustainable furnishing craft.

While creating these furnishing products we have always kept the organic Indian lineament at its core with local crafts and artistic traits being at the heart of our design ensemble.

With our 30 years of engrossing experience in the domain, we are a trusted home furnishing manufacturing unit with a rich client base present all across the world. As a renowned home furnishing exporter, we have a rich history of delivering exclusive designs built with superior craftsmanship and quality organic traits.

Our team of highly skilled and professionally trained designers, production engineers, and craftsmen, are able to bring everything to real good utility – from the most desirable and popular to the most intrinsic and rare furnishing ideas – to serve bespoke preferences of modern homes. As we pick the fine combination of art, patterns, colors, designs, fabrics, and stitchery crafts, to bring you the most unique concepts for home furnishing suiting your requirements of a contemporary, traditional, effervescent, or classic choice of home improvement and styling.

We follow stringent quality policies and commit to the best of the practices to avoid any inconsistency and flaws throughout the process of home furnishing product manufacturing. Advanced production equipment, finest resources, and well-laid protocols allow us to offer our clients with just the right service value and experience, serving their customer’s home furnishing needs right.

Cushion Cover Manufacturer Offering Abundant Choices

We have an immersive collection of cushion covers, serving all purposes and needs of home styling. Our fine array of cushion and pillow covers offers authentic traditional and contemporary picks that get along with different seating layouts, furnishing themes and artistic spreads of the modern-day interiors. These are built with organic fibers and contain no harmful chemicals, to be trusted for your skin and with kids around.

These are created in different shapes (round, square, and rectangle) and in various printed patterns and artistic applications, inspired by Indian tradition and culture. These cushion covers are made with the organic fabrics that come from the finest material of Marbled Velvet, Polycotton, Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Silk, and other naturally obtained fibers.

While creating the cushion designs, we follow the latest trends to bring the latest choice of crafts, tones, embroideries, prints, patchwork, embellishments, and finishes, to wrap cushions in the most impressive and absorbing styles.

Curtains Manufacturer Draping Homes in Style

We lead our way to manufacturing curtains with the best-in-breed machine line-up that are at par with the best production systems used in the most advanced Swiss and German manufacturing facilities. With our all-equipped production infrastructure and the best of the curtain designing and manufacturing techniques employed right, we deliver our clients with the most impressive variety of curtains that are available in immersive designs, shapes and style options.

Our draperies come from the lineage of interior décor and styling that suits the vibe and persona of modern dwellings. We aim at providing users with a perfect match for their home. No matter which style or form it is we are never out of options. Whether it is about getting the royal touch or lifting up the brightness of the place or just making it classy, we are there with enough options at your disposal.

Quilts Manufacturer Offering Excellent Range

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quilts serving wholesalers and retailers with a wide variety of choices for quilts, covers and blankets. Our products are made with organic and sustainable material and are produced to deliver great comfort and ease. Our quilts are created with keeping in mind the latest taste and trends in mind. So, you have a collection of quilts and blankets that are not just great in terms of the material virtues but also in terms of aesthetics and appeal.

With us, you get endless quilt options for your customers and their modern store fronts. We have printed, quilts, designer quilts, Jaipuri AC quilts, comforters, poly fill quilts, cotton quilts, velvet quilts, everything covered. As a reputed bed quilt supplier in India, you get to acquire a trend-leading bed quilt range with us, that sets you up as a sought-after brand and retail unit for quilts.

Kitchen Essentials (Aprons, Gloves and Table Cloths)

Not just we produce the best of furnishing and décor supplies, but also create the premium range of kitchen essentials from the fabric lineup. We are known for creating the most interesting and cohesive range of cloth-based utilities used in kitchen and dining. We have over 50 styles and 500 different designs for kitchen aprons and gloves that are available in various colors and patterns.

Our range of table cloths is inspired by the latest designs that are setting trends all over. Our clients trust us on material quality and venture in for bulk supplies and brand commitments based on the goodwill that we have created over the period as a reliable and trusted supplier in the segment. And we make sure we never let them down with our service and support as their manufacturing partner.

Mattress Manufacturer of the top order

We are a leading manufacturer of home décor and home improvement solutions of which mattress is a prominent category. We are a premium mattress manufacturing and supplier unit in India dealing in the best organic mattress options. Most of the seasoned businesses dealing in the trade count on us for mattress production and supplies.

Our high-end mattress manufacturing facility uses globally acknowledged methods and tools to deliver most comforting, consistent, and cost-effective mattresses that trend commercially. Our products are most relevant in the present world as they are made with pure organic matter like straw, cotton, rubber, sacked and layered uniformly with coinciding springs and foams inside natural fabrics. Being there to help you build organic brands with pro-organic virtues.

Home furnishing solutions to trust for quality and value

As a responsible home furnishing manufacturer, we know that production is more than a process. It is about promising your customers of the integrity, quality, and value of the product that they are going to get from you. We keep this idea aligned with every piece of product that we manufacture and deliver, adopting the best of techniques and practices of material selection, processing, creation, and packaging, at all levels with the best of quality assurance policies laid effectively all across our closed-loop processes. As we aim at delivering the best manufacturing support for brands and be their partners in creating great value through high-quality organic home furnishing products that lead trends.