How does it work

Cheer Sagar Exports – providing end-to-end clothing manufacturing services

We are a full package clothing manufacturing service provider, taking care of everything – from idea to execution.

We provide end-to-end garment manufacturing solutions including product design development, product development, manufacturing, quality control, labels and tags, packaging, and shipping.

How does it work?

1. Share your design with us

Let your creative juices flowing and share your design idea with us. Even if it is a rough sketchy idea, feel free to submit it through our inquiry page. Once
we receive your design idea for your next apparel line, we will work upon sending a price estimate to you.

2. Sourcing

Once you accept our price estimate for your project, we would need samples for fitting and sizing references.

Once you send these samples to us, we will source the suitable fabrics and trims for your product design and send them to you for selection and approval.

3. Development of samples

While we source the raw material for the product development, our in-house design development team will create the tech packs for your designs.

We will share these tech packs of your design for approval. This is the stage where you can let us know if you need any changes in the design. Once the design is approved and sent for bulk production, implementing a change in design will be difficult.

4. Bulk Production

Once you approve the tech cads and sample of your apparel design, we will begin the bulk production, post receiving the approved samples and down payment.

5. Quality Checks

Quality is integral for the product to be successful in the market and to develop brand loyalty. We take care of quality at every stage of production. Our quality control team inspects the product during bulk production to ensure there are no issues.

The final product is again sent for a quality check. Every assignment is individually packed and sealed in cartons and is made ready for shipping.

6. Shipping

The final part of the process is – shipping. We help you handle the shipping formalities and paperwork and arrange for delivering your product to the doorstep.

Create and launch your apparel brands within a few simple steps with the help of our expert garment manufacturing services.

Contact us now to get started.