Design Team

Cheer Sagar Exports is one of the leading textile players with a strong manufacturing base in Jaipur. With world-class manufacturing units and state-of-the-art facilities, we are producing 1.5 – 1.8 million pieces of garments annually. Our comprehensive value chain includes everything from fibre to fashion; dyeing and manufacturing; and packaging and shipping of the final products. We have a team of professional designers who have proven years of experience in the textile industry and can work with every client to develop individual styles based on their unique requirements.

Quality Team

Quality is at the core of Cheer Sagar Exports. We not only follow ethical manufacturing processes but ensure garment quality at every stage of production. Our expert research and development team closely monitors production and checks the quality of each garment. The team also puts input regarding new and innovative production technology to ensure consistency and relevancy in the market.

With a modern and comprehensive manufacturing unit, we add value and excellence to our garments and maintain uniformity and quality.

Our sound infrastructure unit is spread over a huge land area and is equipped with the latest technologies that help us fulfill the bulk production requirement of our clients.

We have installed advanced quality equipment that keeps the quality in check. Our warehouse facility is managed by experts who systematically store the products.

We believe in delivering quality to our customers and it is our biggest strength. With high-quality standards, we strive to maintain our market leadership in the textile industry.

Sampling and Product Development Team

Our teams work with each client to understand their design requirements and develop a sample. We are always available and open to buyer’s suggestions and ideas. We produce product samples before starting the bulk production. Our centralized sampling unit ensures that all suggestions offered by the client are considered in the production.

We have an in-house laboratory with well-equipped certified instruments. We conduct stringent tests based on buyer’s parameters to provide safe and high-quality products. All our fabrics are tested in our in-house lab before they are used in production.

Well-equipped Manufacturing System

Our in-house manufacturing and sampling team can handle cutting, washing, stitching, finishing, and packaging of the final product. Everything is taken care of under the same roof. We are a one-stop garment manufacturing unit with strong infrastructure and a well-equipped production system in place.