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Cheer Sagar Exports – One-stop garment manufacturing shop 

Cheer Sagar Exports is one of the leading garment manufacturers of India. We are government recognized 100% export house serving since 1996. With a strong manufacturing base located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we design, manufacture, and deliver high-quality garments and home decoration accessories around the world at highly competitive prices. With the help of our world-class manufacturing unit, we produce 1.2-1.8 million pieces of garments annually which are a blend of modern technology and creativity. 

We deal in high-quality woven and knitted garments manufactured using premier cotton and viscose fabric including voiles, crepes, sheeting, georgette, viscose, etc. All our products are manufactured in a sustainable manner with minimum wastage of raw material and other equipment.

You can contact us for manufacturing any size, any type, any quantity, and any style of garment and home furnishing items. 

Have a look at our key services and areas of specialization. 

  • Fabric printing: We can give shape to your imaginations through our expertise and access to a wide range of fabrics and printing techniques. We are well-versed in Bandhej, embroideries, tie & die, bead & sequence, patch work, laces, block & screen prints, stone and enzyme wash, brush, and batik prints, etc.
  • CAD facilities: We are a full-service clothing manufacturer and hence we work on the latest technological tools and computer-aided designs. You can share your digital designs with us and our team will work upon the same. You can also share rough sketches if you do not have a technical design.
  • Material sourcing: We are located in the world’s biggest market of fabrics and hence our team can source any fabric you need. The ability to access all kinds of fabrics and materials gives us a competitive edge in the garment manufacturing industry.
  • Fabric dyeing: With expertise in tie & dye and other fabric dyeing techniques, we can dye your fabric in your preferred shade. You just need to specify the required color through the shade card, and our team will take care of the rest.
  • Interlining: Interlining technique is used to make the garment more rigid and solid. It is mostly required in collars, waist bands, cuffs, blazers, etc. We can interline your garments made out of cotton, viscose, polyester, and nylon with perfect finishing to improve the property of the garment. A perfectly finished garment scale higher in customer satisfaction rate.
  • Laser Cutting: With our high-tech laser technique, we can offer you the most unique and detailed patterns on your garments. Laser cutting adds more precision to the garment which cannot be achieved with simple scissor cutting. Just send us the requirement and we will deliver the same.
  • Sequencing and bead work: Beautiful sequences and bead work add detailing to the garment. With an excellent in-house team of skilled workers, we can easily add sequences and beads on your choice garments with unmatched workmanship and finish.
  • Embroidery: Add unresisting patterns and details on your collection through our expert embroidery backed with excellent workmanship. We provide both hand and computer-based embroidery as per your requirement.
  • Pleating: We are well-equipped to offer all kinds of pleating services for your shirts, kids dresses, blouses, jackets, and other clothing collection. Our expert in-house team works diligently to deliver the desired results.
  • Smocking: Smocking technique is used to gather fabric mostly in cuffs, bodices, kids’ dresses, and necklines to keep the garment together. With smocking you can add flexibility and fitting to your collection. You can contact our team for any kind of smocking service.
  • Private tags: We are a full-service private label clothing manufacturing unit. We can develop all kinds of labels, tags, and size tags for your collection. You just need to share the design of your tag and our team will develop it for you.
  • Trims development: We develop custom trims that are very important in private label manufacturing. It helps your brand to establish a unique identity amidst other similar garments.
  • Sewing: We are well-equipped to manage all types of sewing requirements or projects. Whether you need single sewing samples or bulk production, you just need to contact our sewing team who will work with you to deliver sewing matching your unique requirement.
  • Fabric testing: The quality of the fabric plays an important role in the garment manufacturing sector. We perform fabric testing and lab dip through our testing partners and ensure that it meets the specified quality standards.
  • Pattern making and designing:  You can trust us with pattern making and designing. You just need to share the rough sketch of the desired pattern or design you need and our team will work on it.
  • Grading: If your collection has multiple sizes, we will grade them at our end and share a grade file with you. You can go through the file and cross-verify the sizes and give your go-ahead.
  • Sampling: Sampling is an important step before we send the style for bulk production. It saves both our as well as our clients’ time. We proceed with the bulk production only after receiving due approval of the client.
  • Fabric cutting: As full-service garment manufacturers, we perform all sorts of cutting at our manufacturing unit. We use modern equipment and fabric cutting tools to cut the fabric according to the client’s requirement.
  • Finishing: We ensure that the product is ready to be sent for quality analysis by giving it a final finishing. This includes checking for any unnecessary threads, washing, and ironing of each finished piece of garment.
  • Quality check: We follow a robust quality control system that includes multiple levels or stages of quality checks. We offer strong quality assurance on all our garments.
  • Packaging and dispatching: We provide end-to-end garment manufacturing services. Hence, once a garment passes the quality check, we pack it in transparent poly packs and then put them in a safe corrugated box. We also offer door-to-door delivery of the consignments. 

You can contact us for the above or any other service related to garment manufacturing.